EMS [Energy Management System]
As an IoT-based energy management system,
We aim to apply the 4th industrial technology to strengthen the industrial competitiveness.
The scalability of this system provides not only IoT technology but also AI technology, providing a variety of service environments ranging from traditional markets, shopping malls, smart shops, to homes.

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IoT-based Energy Management System

As an IoT-based Energy Management System,
we aim to strengthen our industrial competitiveness by applying the 4th industrial technology.
The expandability of this system provides not only
IoT technology but also AI technology
to provide various service environments from traditional markets, shopping mall, smart shops to general households.

Implement an Energy Saving Plan - 
Reduce Energy Consumption

The paradigm of energy policy is shifting from energy supply to consumer structure innovation. Saving energy is a national challenge and a time of action for everyone.

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